Christian Deger

Chief Architect at RIO The Logistics Flow. A member of TRATON GROUP.
Believer in “You build it, you run it”
International speaker
Organizer of the Microservices Meetup Munich

Christian Deger




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Public talks

Public talks

AWS Summit Berlin 2019 - Christian Deger


Building A Cloud-Native Advanced Logistics Ecosystem

RIO is the digital brand of the TRATON GROUP. Its dual offer of a group-wide connectivity environment and a cloud based advanced logistics ecosystem is geared towards all players in the transport industry. RIO moves to the forefront in a nascent market for real-time cloud visibility and uses the cloud to connect customers and partners in dozens of countries across the globe. Learn how RIO leverages AWS and microservices to enable autonomous you build it, you run it teams to quickly create scalable applications, real-time streaming pipelines and data products. This talk continues to outline how RIO combines Kafka, MongoDB, Amazon S3, Amazon ECS as well as AWS Fargate to tackle use cases like performance scoring, vehicle diagnostics, or fleet monitoring.

Cloud Native Continuous Delivery

You know that adopting Continuous Delivery and DevOps is key to a high-performance company. You’ve read the books and are ready to build microservices in the cloud. Great! Let’s go back to the principles and see how to apply them in a cloud native environment. What used to about shipping code to static servers, is now about quickly creating decoupled pipelines for new services that are readily wired up into the platform and everything is driven by code.

This talk will give concrete guidance in a world where autonomous teams continuously deploy many independent services and containers into an infrastructure that is dynamically created via APIs. Learn how to establish a culture that fosters fast local decisions and is driven by fast feedback. Remove friction by removing the staging environment and still release with confidence.

Listen to stories from the trenches on true DevOps on AWS with “You build it, you run it” teams from AutoScout24, the largest online car marketplace Europe-wide.

Enterprise Fast Lane - Transforming to Microservices in the Cloud

Learn how AutoScout24, the largest online car marketplace Europe-wide, are building their Autobahn in the cloud.

The secret ingredient? Culture! Because “microservices and cloud” is only one half of the digital transformation story: The other half is how your organization deals with cultural change as you transition from the old world of IT into building microservices on AWS with agile DevOps teams in a true “you build it, you run it” fashion.

Listen to stories from the trenches and learn how to become cloud-native, evolve your architecture step by step, drive cultural change across your teams, and manage your company’s transformation for the future.

Data Science, Delivered Continuously

AutoScout24 is the largest online car marketplace Europe-wide for new and used cars. With more than 2.4 million listings across Europe, AutoScout24 has access to large amounts of data about historic and current market prices and wants to use this data to empower its users to make informed decisions about selling and buying cars. We created a live price estimation service for used vehicles based on a Random Forest prediction model that is continuously delivered to the end user.

Predictive analytics of such sort is often only used for guiding company internal decision making. Delivering a predictive analytics product straight to the end user poses an entirely different set of requirements with respect to (1) performance and (2) automated quality control.

In order to avoid the effort of handcrafting a high-performance implementation of a complex prediction model, many companies fall back to use primitive prediction models in such a situation. Learn how we achieved superb performance and scalability without the need for manual optimization or sacrifices in terms of prediction accuracy.

For quality control, Continuous Delivery is already an established approach to modern web application development that allows for much shorter product release cycles and therefore yields the ability to rapidly innovate and adapt to user needs. However, in predictive analytics Continuous Delivery has been rarely applied so far. Learn how automated verification using live test data sets in a continuous delivery pipeline allows us to release model improvements with confidence at any given time. This way our users can benefit immediately from the work of our data scientists.


Microservices Meetup Munich

In March 2014 we did some workshops at AutoScout24 to define our architecture strategy. Inspired by Netflix and as an evolution of our previous approaches, we wanted to further modularize our monolith into smaller services. While refining our ideas, Martin Fowler and James Lewis published their definition of the term on Microservices on Martin Fowler’s blog.

That helped a lot because our vision was suddenly an architectural style with a name. But there was still a lot to learn, so I founded the Microservices Meetup Munich in May 2014 with AutoScout24 as sponsor. Since then, we were lucky to have a lot of thought leaders in the Microservices community and a nice round of local speakers. Including James Lewis mentioned above ;-).

The meetup has now more than 3400 members and we can look back at over 50 events.

Most of the talks are availabe at our YouTube channel

Microservices Meetup - Einstein Kultur

Microservices Meetup - Adrian Cockcroft - Eberhard Wolff - Christian Deger


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